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The Carn Brea Easter Cross

The Carn Brea Easter Cross

How it all started

Many local people will be familiar with seeing the large white cross that is erected every Easter next to Carn Brea Castle, but how did it all begin?

The story starts back in 1976 when a young man called Rodney, from the village of Lanner came up with the idea to erect a 30 foot (9 metres) cross, 738 feet above sea level.

Rodney, and his wife Ann paid for the construction of the cross, which was built by E. Thomas & Co in Ponsanooth.

After the cross was made the next challenge was to get the permission needed to erect the cross. Most of Carn Brea was owned by the local authority but a local builder, by the name of Percy Williams had purchased the top of Carn Brea and was converting the old castle into a restaurant, which it remains today. Rodney approached Percy about the idea of having of erecting the cross and Percy immediately agreed and also offered this use of his scaffolding and hoists etc.

Erecting the cross on top of the Giant’s Head rock, in windy conditions proved problematic and it was soon realised that additional ropes and hawsers were needed which were kindly supplied by Macsalvors (a local hardward supplier). The process of erecting the cross has been refined over the years but it still remains a large task which many local people assist with every year.

From 1987, a sunrise Easter Sunday service is held every year at the foot of the cross and is attened by many people from different churches in the area.

Further information on the history of the Carn Brea Cross can be found in Clive Richards Book “Why The Carn Brea Cross“. 

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